ElectroniX is a collection of 133 sounds suitable for a wide range of electronic styles: dance, trance, dubstep and more. The idea behind ElectroniX is to offer a good starting point to create the bone structure of your next masterpiece.

The use of the included Action Sequences and Arpeggiator patches are a unique and inspiring tool to start working on the melodic section. Included in the bank there are also a lot of percussive, tempo synced, patches which will help you to add the right percussive feeling to your song.

ElectroniX also features a generous amount of pad sounds, basses, keys, leads, synths and vocals.

FEATURES: 133 patches, 38 Action Sequences, 24 Drum patches with custom samples, 22 Pad sounds, 16 Arpeggiator patches, 33 additional patches divided between basses, fx, keys, leads, synths and vocals, all key parameters synced to host tempo, realtime modulation, normalized volume.


(all sounds, including percussions, from ElectroniX)

Each clip in the Action Sequences demo is a single patch played in realtime with no additional sequencing.

Realtime playing, no additional sequencing or editing.

All drum patches are synchronized with the host tempo and features custom samples and modulation options to add percussive variations.

Showcase of the pads patches with realtime modulation (MW).