SPECIFICATIONS: SAMPLE RATE: 44.100 - 24bit, NUMBER OF WAVs: 2520 royalty free samples, NUMBER OF PATCHES: 80, SIZE: WAV 2.1GB (2520 files); KONTAKT: 1.8GB (2601 files); MULTIFORMAT: 3.9GB (5122 files).

GENRES: Dance, Trance, Techno, Electronic, etc.

TEMPO SYNC (Kontakt version only):

All Kontakt programs are synced with the host tempo.

Focused on Dance, Trance, Techno and Electronic music Synth Sequences includes 80 original, royalty free, synth phrases ranging from 128 to 145bpm.

Synth Sequences allows you to add synth and bass lines to your next masterpiece with the minimum effort. You can use it as is or as a complement to add something more to your music production and push it beyond the limit. All the sequences can be layered with each other allowing to create new and inspiring patterns.

Each single sequence has been recorded at different key positions over a three octaves range. All loops has been meticulously trimmed, edited and normalized to ensure the highest sound quality.

Synth Sequences is available in WAV and KONTAKT 4 formats. All WAV sequences are tempo and key labelled. The Kontakt version automatically synchronize to the host tempo and features separate delay and reverb controls on the instrument interface.