The site is temporarily unavailable. I'm currenlty trying to understand what to do with in order to keep it up and running, but it's not easy at all to take a decision.

Truth is that despite some collaborations over the years MaxSynths has always been a one-man-company; this means that the efforts to develop and promote new products are not always enough compared with the incomes. As a synth and music enthusiast has always been a pleasure for me to develop new things and the small amount of money I asked in change has been always used to pay the domain itself and to acquire new software to develop new products.

The savage and unmotivated attack from hackers and illegal distributors of my software and products (I can't really understand what is their philosphy in doing so to someone who is selling stuff for 11/20) has been a big damage for me, and currently I'm not more motivated to keep MaxSynths up.

I'm aware that MaxSynths is a smaller than smaller reality in a world dominated by multinational companies which work in the audio industry, but I know too that a lot of people had fun with my little toys and a lot of them produced great tunes with them; I'm very proud of this, and I want to thank all the fellow musicians out there!

This message finish as it began. I'm not sure what MaxSynths will be; maybe it's destined to die as soon as the domain expire, maybe some new idea will popup in my mind.

In any case a huge hug to all those which supported me and had fun with my instruments!

Best Regards and continue to have fun with music!

Massimo Bosco

October,2 2015