How are payments handled?
All payments are handled securely online through PayPal. You can pay with either your PayPal account or your credit card. All most common credit card are accepted (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, etc.). Anyway the list of accepted credit cards may be different from country to country. To have a detailed list of the credit cards accepted in your country visit paypal site.

Can I pay with an eCheck?
Yes, Paypal accepts eChecks. By the way keep in mind that using this kind of money transfer method can slow down the processing of your order. This is because the money transfer from your bank account will be accredited to Paypal in eight days or more. If you decide to pay with eCheck send us a mail, we'll try to speed up the order processing, if possible.

Can I use a different method to pay instead of using Paypal?
No, currently we do accept payments only through Paypal.

Can I pay by cash?
No. Payments by cash are not allowed in any way.



How much does it takes to my order to be processed?
All orders are processed within 24 hours max. When we receive the paypal notification email usually the order is immediately processed.

After the payment I didn't receive my product!
A mail with personal download instructions is sent once the order has been processed. If you didn't receive any e-mail from us check your spam folder, please. Often this is enough to solve the problem (if this is the case remember to set our mail address as "non-spam" in order to receive further comunications from us).

What if I have problems related with my order?
For any kind of problem related with your order contact us. Please provide a detailed description of your problem.



The shopping cart is not working in my browser, what can I do?
In order to work our shopping cart needs javascripts and cookies to be enabled in your browser. Check your browser settings and enable javascripts and cookies.



I'm unable to access the user area. After entering the user ID and password when I click on "login" nothing happens!
Be sure that your broswer is set to accept cookies from The login panel needs cookies turned on in order to validate your login. Be sure also that Javascript is enabled in your browser.



How can I request a refund?
We try to provide all necessary informations about our products. Be sure to fully understand what you are purchasing, if you have any doubt send us a mail before you proceed with the payment. We don't provide refunds on our software products.

How do you handle license transfers?
The license owner must contact us providing detailed informations about the license transfer (full name, e-mail address, the name of the product and the new license owner name and e-mail address). The new license owner will be contacted by us. After the license has been transfered to the new owner the old license owner must totally uninstall his copy of the software from his personal computer(s).



How do you handle personal data?
All personal data received by MaxSynths is securely stored on our user database. We don't share personal informations with anyone, in full respect of international laws concerning privacy. User names, street addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, transactions IDs, etc., are treated as personal and highly confidential informations and are stored only for security reasons. This is necessary for us in order to be able to provide full assistance to existing users, otherwise it would be impossible for us to determine the identity of the user in order to retrieve password informations, send special discount coupons, etc.

All personal data is stored on our offline database and it's not accessible in any way by browsing, legally or illegally, our website.

Does stores cookies on my PC? uses cookies to handle the shopping cart and the access to the user area. Other than this we do not use any other kind of cookies. By using our site we assume you understood the cookies policy and have given your consent to to store the cookies on your personal computer.



Why I'm receiving your newsletters?
Every customer is automatically added to our newsletters. Our newsletters are used to inform our customers about updates, new product releases and for personal comunications.

Our newsletter system is structured like this:

MaxSynths Newsletter: general newsletter concerning MaxSynths activity, updates, announcements, new products releases, etc. This newsletter is received by every existing MaxSynths user, people which subscribed the newsletter, e-zines, blogs, etc.

Product specific Newsletters: these newsletter are sent to users which have purchased a specific product. For example all Cryologic users will receive specific informations about Cryologic with personal download links to updates, special offers, etc. The content of the product specific newsletters must be considered, by the user, as personal and confidential and can't be shared with anyone (personal codes, download links, etc.).

How can I unsubscribe?
It's possible to unsubscribe from the newsletters by sending a blank e-mail to MaxSynths with "unsubscribe" in the subject field. By the way we recomend our customers to not unsubscribe because our newsletters are the only way for us to send direct comunications to users.