MaxSynths has been started in 2007 with the development of Galileo by me, Massimo Bosco and it's based on Milan, Italy. My interest in electronic music and instruments started when I was a teenager. My first experience with computer music has been with a fully expanded Amiga600 computer running OctaMED Sound Studio. I've released various software related with music production and computer music using different nicknames. The interest for computer music and everything related with it has grown over and over through the years.

In the "soundfont fever" era I've released a big amount of free soundfont banks, contibuting actively to the site. I've started to put together synths and midi utilities with Synthedit to use them in my own musical projects, then in 2007 I've decided to release Galileo VSTi as freeware under the name MaxSynths (in the beginning MaxSynth was the original name of Galileo). After Galileo other plugins followed and, while working on various projects for other musicians, I've started to work also as a sound designer (mainly for Tone2 Audio Software).

My goal with MaxSynths is to produce useful instruments, soundbanks and libraries accessible to everyone.